Timeline of Walter White.

Yaaaaas!!! New #nursejackie 😍

I didn't know there was a fat babes meet up?!? :(

There was!! The weekend just gone! Come to the next one :)

your smile kills me. kills me dead. your eyebrows manage cheeky and flawless murder at the same time and it kills me.

Oh my…who is this??

Need to do another fat london babes meet-up later in the year or next year. My nerves got the better of me and then I ended up working on the day! Desperately wanted to come.

I will try and arrange one for later this year..but there will definitely be one next year!! Come off anon and chat with me :)

My #wcw is this absolute babe @jmtrsddr 😘💗
I’m bored and annoyed


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Hello purple.
Too tired to function.
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Look at us <3